Happiness Is The Key! Unlock your happy at the new Chapel Hill Office today!

I am so happy you are reading this! Thank you for taking the time to read about Happiness Is The Key Company and how to unlock your happy! The various postings you will be reading on this blog will highlight not only my thoughts and processes for accessing my happiness, it will also shine a light on the wonderful teachers I have had in the past, present and other inspirational figures.



This week I opened my private office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In this space, happiness is a sure thing! Creating an environment that is comforting, welcoming, loving, tranquil and full of happy energy is of utmost importance. I expect many visitors to feel this way about my new office. The Key Therapy was developed because you and only you hold THE KEY to your happiness. I want to guide you on how to unlock it and access it within yourself.


Reiki is part of my eternal being. This form of therapy is at the core of and the foundation to my work. It is important that I continue to foster my creativity as well. Not only do I love creating happy relationships, happy spaces, and happy work, I love offering all sorts of products that make me happy! The Key Gallery offers access to products that always make me happy. The jewelry, aromatherapy, and crystals available all have a very special energy within them. You will receive this happy vibe with these products too!

Head back to the home page of Happiness Is The Key Company by clicking on the company name and logo at the top of the page. You can click on schedule an appointment now to come and see this beautiful space for your self.

Happiness is the key! Unlock your happy today!

With love and happiness,